Jafza  holistic approach to sustainability

Image Credit to Gulf News

Companies and organizations worldwide are increasingly recognizing the importance of sustainability and are taking action by investing in new technologies and machinery. According to Deloitte, 75% of companies have increased their investments in sustainability, with 65% citing changes in the regulatory environment as the reason for their actions. As one of the largest logistics and manufacturing free zones in the world, located adjacent to one of the busiest ports globally, Jafza has a long-standing commitment to sustainability and a proven track record of supporting sustainability initiatives. Jafza understands that focusing on long-term goals and monitoring incremental gains will be crucial to the future of trade and ensuring that it can lead its diverse business community towards achieving net-zero emissions.By 2040, Jafza aims to achieve carbon neutrality, followed by net-zero carbon status by 2050, with an interim target of a 28% reduction in carbon footprint by 2030, measured against a 2019 baseline. This commitment garnered recognition, with Jafza winning the prestigious ‘Excellence Award for Sustainability’ by fDi Intelligence during the UAE’s designated ‘Year of Sustainability’ in 2023.


Acknowledging the global imperative for sustainability, companies worldwide are investing in new technologies and processes. Deloitte reports a significant increase in sustainability investments, largely influenced by evolving regulatory landscapes. Jafza, being one of the world’s largest logistics and manufacturing free zones, situated adjacent to a bustling port, has a robust history of championing sustainability initiatives. Recognizing the importance of consistent progress towards long-term goals, Jafza is dedicated to leading its diverse business community towards a net-zero future.


Jafza’s sustainability journey is deeply rooted in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, mirroring DP World’s broader strategy. The free zone’s approach is twofold: ‘Our World’ emphasizes responsible business practices across seven key areas, while ‘Our Future’ focuses on ensuring a sustainable legacy. Since becoming a UN Global Compact member in 2019, Jafza has collaborated with various partners, including the Blue Marine Foundation, Logistics Emergency Teams, and Impact2030, to develop additional sustainability initiatives.


Addressing local sustainability concerns, Jafza actively supports the growth of a resilient local agribusiness sector. With responsibility for 20% of Dubai’s food and beverage trade value, Jafza aligns its objectives with the National Food Security Strategy 2051. Hosting over 600 food and agri-commodity companies from 68 countries, Jafza’s efforts have catalyzed investments in sustainable technologies, bolstering domestic production.


Jafza’s substantial investments, totaling over Dh180m ($49m), have been directed towards reducing energy and water consumption within the Free Zone. Initiatives include the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting, retrofitting facilities with efficient air conditioning units, and implementing solar-powered water heaters. Notably, Jafza’s rooftop solar project, comprising 158,000 solar panels, generates over 30% of the Free Zone’s annual energy requirements, saving 48,000 tons of emissions annually, equivalent to powering 4600 homes per year. In recognition of these efforts, Jafza was honored with the Emirates Energy Award in 2022, further validating its commitment to sustainability.



The Impact of Car Lift Service on Accessibility and Sustainability at Jafza


The introduction of a car lift service not only enhances accessibility to Jafza but also aligns with its comprehensive sustainability approach. This service not only benefits employees and visitors by reducing reliance on individual vehicles and promoting shared transportation, but also contributes to alleviating traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions, in line with Jafza’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact. By integrating such initiatives into its sustainability strategy, Jafza underscores its dedication to fostering an eco-friendly and efficient transportation infrastructure, exemplifying a holistic approach to sustainable development. These efforts demonstrate Jafza’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship while simultaneously improving accessibility and convenience for its stakeholders.


The Carlift to Jafza  plays a pivotal role in facilitating convenient and sustainable travel for individuals commuting to the Jebel Ali Free Zone. By offering a shared transportation option, this initiative significantly reduces the reliance on individual vehicles, thereby alleviating traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions. This not only enhances accessibility for employees and visitors but also aligns with Jafza’s holistic approach to sustainability, emphasizing environmental stewardship and community well-being. The car lift service exemplifies Jafza’s commitment to fostering an eco-friendly transportation infrastructure, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable and efficient travel experience for all stakeholders.

The Carlift to Jafza provides a reliable and eco-friendly transportation option for individuals commuting to the Jebel Ali Free Zone. By promoting carpooling and ride-sharing, this initiative helps reduce the number of single-occupancy vehicles on the road, thereby alleviating traffic congestion and lowering carbon emissions. Additionally, the convenience and environmental benefits of the car lift service contribute to a healthier and more sustainable travel experience, attracting more individuals to opt for eco-friendly transportation options. As the demand for sustainable travel solutions continues to grow, the Carlift to Jafza. serves as a shining example of how innovation and collaboration can drive positive change towards a more sustainable future.


Beyond mere rhetoric, Jafza’s sustainability commitment embodies a comprehensive approach to addressing both global and local challenges. As a leader regionally and globally, Jafza understands that sustained progress requires steadfast focus and continuous monitoring. By prioritizing inclusivity and minimizing disruptions, Jafza contributes to shaping the future of trade while advancing the broader mission of fostering a sustainable global community. These efforts resonate with the UAE’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its collective pursuit of a more sustainable world.